Rock’n’Roll Mama is much more than a blog,
it’s a way of life.


Rock’n’Roll Mama is the place for alternative parents to find like-minded people who want to raise their children outside of the box. It’s the place for all the grown up nerds who don’t fit in, for all the moms that are often told: “You don’t look like a mom?” (what is a mom supposed to look like anyway?), for all the inked dads that have witnessed judgmental stares, for all of you who feel like outsiders.


But what does Rock’n’Roll Mama really mean? It means being different, not conforming to a specific image… But it means in first place, being YOU! Don’t let the others tell you how to be a parent, accept suggestions, follow ideas, you are in charge and you can decide how to mould your life as a parent and as a person!


Between nappies and poop, sleepless nights, breast feedings and skull onesies, we are here to say: “Motherhood and fatherhood are not exclusive clubs that you can only get into if you live up certain standards!”