You walk down the street and you see all these perfect and stylish moms with their perfect manicure and perfect hair, sporting really expensive clothes and heels all the time.

Then there’s you.

I often feel like I have to be like the others to be accepted. Then I remember that I am in no way the kind of person that wants to fit in.
But sometimes it hurts to be scrutinised from head to toe by everybody, to be considered the weirdo all the time.
It’s always been like this, especially during my hardcore punk phase with a 25cm mohawk. Now that I will be mom soon I wonder if the situation will worsen because a mom with fucked up hair, tattoos and “satanic” t-shirts are not to be trusted.

How to deal with the feeling of looking like an unfit parent? I honestly don’t know how it’s going to affect me since my baby bump is still so small you could tell it’s food baby.

That’s one thing I know and is that I already can feel the judgments that come even from family members about my baby outfit choices. Yeah you know black stuff, skeletons, and monsters are not suitable for an adult person, let alone a sweet cutie pie.
I already had to deal with the “Are you going to dress that poor baby with all crazy clothes, aren’t you?”
And I’m already tired and it’s only been 3 and a half months of pregnancy.  Somebody save me!

So yeah, sometimes I think: “Should I normalise for my child’s sake?” And the answer is “No, I won’t.”
When the funny looks will begin to bother me I will just smile and raise my middle finger maybe #jk