Safety is very rock’n’roll. That’s why you should ALWAYS wear the the seat belt when you’re in the car during pregnancy.

The seat belt will help to protect your bump from the force of the crash. If you find that you can’t position your seat belt correctly or it’s really uncomfortable, you could consider using a seatbelt adapter. Today I wanna review the Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt, which I bought on amazon.

When travelling by car, sudden braking or low speed impacts can cause the seat belt to exert extreme pressure on a mothers tummy. The Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt helps avoid potential injury to either the mother or her baby by preventing the lap portion of the seat belt from riding up over the abdomen in these situations.
In normal driving conditions, use of the Advanced Bump Belt helps maintain comfort by keeping the belt in a constant position. It’s designed to protect womb in the event of an accident, it can be easily fitted to a standard car seat, it has double clamping on both sides for added safety and comfort belt. 

The Box Contains: Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt and Full Instructions




I find it really easy to set up and install, and to remove it if I need to change seat. So far I’m impressed, it does his job perfectly and I feel much more secure when travelling by car.
Hopefully I won’t need to see it tested in action!

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