Try one of these 10 rock’n’roll ways to let your partner know your family is growing.
No matter how you announce your pregnancy, he/she will be thrilled to hear!

1. Skeleton Tee

Who said that skeletons are for Halloween only?
Surprise your other half by wearing this t-shirt that clearly states that you’re growing a little bony human inside you! Check out this model on

2. Dilf/Milf Card

If you have a husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend or alien this is a fun, light-hearted card to congratulate the new Dad or Mum on his/her upcoming DILF/MILF status! You can find them here and here on

©DeLuce Design. All rights reserved.


©DeLuce Design. All rights reserved.


3. Rock’n’Roll Cake 

Ok, this one probably requires a huge effort but the wow effect is absolutely guaranteed… This cake design is AMAZING!


4. Nerdy onesie

We all know that a lot of Rock’n’Roll Papas are also huge geeks, here‘s a pregnancy announcement perfect for your nerdy one!



5. Instruction manual book 

This little book will help you deliver the message, in a funny way! You can buy How Not to Kill Your Baby on


6. Eviction notice 

Do you have a toddler? Perhaps the big brother/sister to be can help with your big announcement…


7. Rockabye Baby 

Probably the most rock’n’roll way to tell your partner that you’ll have a mini monster very soon is to buy a rock-inspired lullabies cd!

You can find a handful of them on the Rockabye Baby website


8. Custom Beer Bottle Labels

Give daddy to be the gift of his favourite brew personalized with these themed beer bottle labels. Buy them here



9. Crime scene tape

Spare room to use? You can tape the door and make it a nursery crime scene!


10. Best friend 

Loving animals is awesome, having them to help you announce is rock’n’roll.